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If you are looking for high-quality, delicious pastry products, the Glamorous Cakes & Catering is the place for you. We offer any kind of cakes, cup cakes, tarts, pies, goodies, desserts for any occation as your choice. Our products are prepared by a highly-skilled pastry chef. Our prices are reasonable and the quality is exellent.

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Our Pastry Chef

Chef Sanath Senanayake is 24 years experienced pastry chef, and currently teaching atCulinard Culinary Institution as a lecture. He has experience in five star hotels in Asia, Middle East, Caribbean, and United States. He also have experience in managing pastry bakery over 7 years addition to his teaching experience in cullinary institutions. He has received gold, silver, and bronze meddles for his pasry works. He was a member of Emirates Culinary Guild, and was a pastry coach in The Taste of the Caribbean Competions.

Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, and Special Ocational Cakes

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We Offer:

or any flavered cake. You can request decorations as your choice. The decorations can be done with flowers made out of parchment, fondent, royal icing, and covered with icing or rooled fondant. Can request additional layers.


  1. Regular vanila, ribbon, or coffee cakes cakes -$25
  2. Regular chocolate, fresh fruit or black forest cakes -$30
  3. Regular Wedding cakes and Christmas cakes -$40

Offer square, round or any shaped cake as your choice. Above prices are for regular standard size cakes (8 inches width, 3 inches height) with regula butter icing decorations. The prices will be changed according to the special decorations. $5 will be added for each additional 2 in2.


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Offer any flavored cupcakes as your choice.


Regular cupcakes -$1.50 (each)

Additional amount will be added for special decorations.


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Offer any kind of desserts such as cream brulee, pecan pie, chocolate brownies, rasberry mousse, charlette royal, apple pie, mexican bread pudding pumpkin pie, sugar cookie, checkerboard cookies, chocolate ruffles. You can request any kind of dessert from the chef. He will prepare according to your choice.


Prices of the desserts will depend on the quantitity, ingredients, and decoration.

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